About Drosera Spiralis

Drosera spiralis is a wonderful South American sundew. I initially obtained the plant 3 years ago from California Carnivores.

Initially, I wasn't sure whether it was going to be a picky plant. Fortunately for me, it's been very resilient.

For me, the most important factor is bright light. It has been growing under T5-HO grow lights. Occasionally, I soak freeze-dried bloodworms in water and apply a few of them to the sundews' leaves.

Because it's a South American sundew, Coll night temperatures are very important. I used to be very dilligent about putting frozen water bottles in my terrarium, but recently I've been putting it off but it still seems to be doing okay.

Media/Soil: I haven't repotted Drosera spiralis yet, but long fibered sphagnum is probably the best choice.
Lighting: As with other South American Sundews, it needs very bright light. I use T5-HO grow lights.
Water: As usual, use water with a t.d.s. reading of < 50. I personally use zero water because my own collection is relatively small and zero water filters are much cheaper and easier to use than reverse osmosis filters.
Temperatures: I used to give it day temperatures in the 70's and night temperatures in the 60's. Recently,  I have been giving it day temperatures in the high 70's and night temperatures in the high 60's and it still seems to be doing well.
Feeding: Give Drosera spiralis some soaked freeze dried bloodworms once in a while.
Propagation: Root cuttings might work - I haven't tried them yet but have noticed many roots growing out from the pot. My Drosera spiralis has flowered at least twice, but I don't know if it can self pollinate. Maybe it would produce interesting hybrids with other South American sundews!